U.S. Wine Exports, Imports, and Balance of Trade 2014

This is the seventeenth annual report of "US Wine and Other Fermented
Beverage (OFB) Exports, Imports and Balance of Trade". The reports have been
prepared for the California Wine Institute by Trade Data & Analysis, Pebble
Beach, California, USA. The report includes data and analysis of US wine and
OFB exports, imports and balance of trade for 2012-2014. The report also
presents a four-year summary of the Total US Trade, US in "Goods" and
"Services", US Agricultural Trade, US Alcohol Beverage Trade and US Wine and
OFB Trade (See Appendices 1 & 2). In 2014 the total US trade deficit was
$505.1 billion including $3.9 billion deficit added by the wine and OFB sector.

Wine Institute members can request the 2015 report by emailing dberardi@wineinstitute.org.

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