Canada Exporter Guide 2016


Report Highlights: In 2015, Canada regained the position as the top destination by value for U.S. agricultural exports; a total of $21 billion. As global exports declined last year, the Canadian market remained resilient with a minimal slowdown in U.S. exports of -4.2% compared to the double-digit percent slowdown experienced in other leading foreign export markets. More importantly, of the total U.S. exports to Canada, $16.5 billion is made up of high-value products, double the amount exported to the second leading market, Mexico, and equal to the combined Asian markets of Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, China and Taiwan. This report is a reference guide for U.S. food exporters interested in marketing and shipping products to Canada. We encourage first-time exporters and new-to-market companies to read thoroughly through this report and use it as a reference guide.

Exporter Guide_Ottawa_Canada_12-20-2016.pdf1.45 MB