Philippines Exporter Guide 2020


Report Highlights:
The Philippines is the ninth largest export market for U.S. agricultural products and its largest market for consumer-oriented products in Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, the United States maintains strong market share within the Philippines, second only to ASEAN. Top U.S. exports include soybean meal, wheat, dairy products, prepared food, and processed vegetables. Despite COVID-19 disruptions to trade flows, business operations, and consumer welfare, U.S. agricultural exports to the Philippines are up 12 percent through September 2020, while FAS Manila forecasts year-end sales will reach a record $3.1 billion, topping 2019 by seven percent. High-value, consumer-oriented food and beverage products with the best prospects for future export growth include fresh fruits and vegetables, poultry, prepared food, processed fruit and vegetables, and red meat.

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