Pakistan Exporter Guide 2021


Report Highlights:
Pakistan ranks as the 25th largest export market for U.S. food and agricultural related products, with U.S. exports surpassing $1.25 billion in 2019. The top U.S. exports to Pakistan were soybeans, cotton, tree nuts, dairy products, pulses, planting seeds, live animals, and wood products. Pakistan is a growing consumer market due to its rapid urbanization and a young population which is shifting traditional consumption patterns away from the purchasing of bulk and raw foods towards that of packaged and processed foods, including ready-to-eat meals, and frozen foods. Despite COVID-19 disruptions to trade flows, U.S. agricultural exports to Pakistan grew 11 percent through October 2020. However, as in most other countries, the global pandemic is expected to reverse the trend of economic growth in Pakistan and to have a severe impact on the food service industry. This Exporter Guide provides an overview of the market, trends, and recommendations to U.S. exporters on how to conduct business in Pakistan.

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