South Africa Wine Annual 2015

South Africa

Report Highlights: Post forecasts that the South Africa grape crop for wine production will decrease by two percent to 1.490 million tons in 2015, from the peak production of 1.520 million tons in 2014. Post forecasts that South Africa wine exports will increase by 4 percent to 500 million liters in 2015. South Africa wine exports to the United States have grown from 12,971,841 liters in 2011 to 24,460,215 liters in 2014. South Africa`s wine imports from the United States have grown steadily from 14,359 liters in 2012 to 38,552 liters in 2014. On September, 4, 2014, the Minister of Health, proposed amendments to the regulations relating to health messages on container labels of alcohol beverages, which could impact the exports of wines to South Africa.

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