Colombia - SaborUSA: The Brand Ambassador for U.S. Food and Beverages in Colombia


Report Highlights: SaborUSA is a non-traditional marketing campaign that effectively promotes U.S. food and beverages in Colombia by developing an innovative platform of social media tools, TV advertisements on the Discovery Home and Health (H&H) network, and an interactive website, and creating content including table top recipes and webisodes for this platform. SaborUSA is producing results. As of August 2018, H&H advertisements have been watched over 23 million times in 11 Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America. The tabletop recipes have been viewed 3.7 million times and webisodes have been viewed over 2.2 million times. In addition, SaborUSA recently won second place in the Best Video Marketing Campaign category at the 2018 #LatamDigital Awards. Because of our success, we are expanding the SaborUSA brand to other parts of Spanish speaking Latin America. This report reviews the recent performance of the SaborUSA campaign in Colombia.

SaborUSA The Brand Ambassador for U.S. Food and Beverages_Bogota_Colombia_9-19-2018.pdf633.2 KB