Japan Wine Market Overview 2019


Report Highlights: Wine consumption in Japan has risen steadily over the last decade. Imports were valued at $1.65 billion in 2018, and account for nearly seventy percent of the market. The United States is the fourth largest supplier on a value basis at $129 million, yet holds only eight percent of total import market; overshadowed by $925 million in exports from France. Chile is the largest supplier on a volume basis, at 77.9 million liters. U.S. bottled wine imports were valued at $116 million, with a unit value of $16.14/L. The United States is also the second largest supplier of bulk wine at $10.9 million. Many U.S. competitors have reached Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) with Japan that include advantageous tariff concessions for wine; many of which will take effect in 2019.

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