Serbia - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards Country Report 2020


Report Highlights:
This report provides information on Serbian regulations and standards concerning food, agriculture, agricultural products and foreign trade. It includes information on labeling, packaging, food additives and import procedures. In 2020, Serbia did not adopt any new laws or amendments. Most Serbian laws have been harmonized with European Union (EU) regulations. In 2020, Serbia adopted more than seventy by-laws that include different rules and ordinances. As with the rest of the world, Serbia has been fighting the COVID-19 pandemic as it has negatively impacted Serbia’s economy and society, including food and agriculture production. Serbia’s agriculture sector has weathered most of the effects of the pandemic because of its high stocks of agricultural goods, good climatic conditions this winter, good conditions for spring planting, excellent winter and spring crop yields and the most developed food processing industry in the region.

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