The Portuguese Food Service Sector 2021


Report Highlights:
The lockdown and social distancing measures brought on by COVID-19 heavily impacted the Portuguese food service sector. In 2018, the segment ”accommodation, catering and similar” accounted for 113,191 companies with a total turnover of $18 billion. During the initial phase, food service operators were forced to temporarily close; they were then allowed to operate subject to limitations and restrictions. In January 2021, food establishments were forced to close once again due to new lockdown measures. As a result, some bars and restaurants went out of business, while others looked for alternative commercial channels to survive, like take-away and home delivery. Restrictions in place have had serious economic repercussions on its suppliers, including farmers and food and beverage manufacturers. Suppliers of alcoholic beverages, meat of indigenous breeds and fish and fish products were particularly affected. The following is a commissioned report prepared in collaboration with Arcadia International.

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