Social Media in the Brazilian Market 2021


Report Highlights:
With about two-thirds of the Brazilian population on social media, Brazil is home to over 140 million social media users. The most popular ones include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. On average, Brazilians spend about 3 hours 31 minutes on social media daily, making Brazil one of the world's heaviest users of online social platforms. As a result, the FAS's Agricultural Trade Office (ATO) in Sao Paulo created an Instagram account (@usfoodexperience) to disseminate information about U.S. food culture, U.S. agricultural products, and expands the dialogue about U.S. cuisine among Brazilians. In addition, the ATO is working with a research firm to help the ATO make strategic decisions to increase U.S. food culture visibility to Brazilian consumers and widen their perception of U.S. food culture. The ATO encourages U.S. exporters to consider the ATO's market intelligence when entering the Brazilian market.

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