Costa Rica Retail Foods 2021

Costa Rica

Report Highlights:
The ongoing economic impact of COVID-19 on Costa Rica has been significant, including a serious decline in tourism. Projections of visitors for 2021 remain low at one million, only one-third of the pre-pandemic levels. As a result, unemployment has remained high. However, Costa Rica’s retail sector remains strong and resilient with industry seeking to optimize its supply chain and e-commerce platforms. Consumers have been changing their shopping behavior in ways that could shape future purchasing patterns, There are good market prospects for U.S. consumer-oriented products, even with the pandemic situation. These U.S. products are preferred by consumers including beef, pork (chilled/fresh), poultry, dairy, wine and beer, snack foods, condiments, natural/organic food products, and cereals. These products have seen impressive growth in recent years, reaching $295 million in U.S. exports to Costa Rica in 2020.

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