The Netherlands - Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional 2021


Report Highlights:
Hotel, restaurant, and institutional (HRI) foodservice industry sales in the Netherlands in 2020 were valued at nearly $9.9 billion, down by more than one-third when compared to 2019, because of the closure of many outlets for a prolonged period due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some of the HRI industry’s lost sales went to home delivery and takeaway, which grew rapidly. Limited-service restaurants (i.e., fast food outlets) suffered less than full-service restaurants in 2020, partly due to their existing home delivery and takeaway infrastructure. Meanwhile, bars and cafés were hit the hardest -- even when they were allowed to open -- as curfews often meant they were not able to operate during their busiest times. With continued mitigation of the coronavirus, Dutch foodservice sales are forecast to pick up in 2021 and continue their recovery next year.

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