United Kingdom Exporter Guide 2021

United Kingdom

Report Highlights:
UK inflation is at a ten-year high with household gas and electric bills increasing 28.1 and 18.8 percent over the past year, respectively. Retail food prices reached a 14-month high with annual grocery price inflation reaching 2.1 percent. The UK is in the midst of a supply chain crisis with retailers experiencing their lowest stock levels in 40 years because of worker shortages and transport disruption caused by COVID-19 and Brexit. The UK presents strong market opportunities for many U.S. consumer-orientated products, including specialty food products, food that is perceived as healthy, wine, sauces, fruit, nuts, and juices. “Health” and convenience foods are the main driving forces in the UK value-added food and beverage market. Consumers look for variety in high quality food products, especially those perceived to have health benefits.

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